A prayer based on Psalm 91

Some people find written-out prayers really helpful – and others hate them, preferring to approach God in a more free and Spirit-led way. Have the best of both worlds with this sample prayer, based on Psalm 91, a starting point for your own, or to pray as an individual or as a family. Be blessed. –Ian Greig

“My refuge and my fortress…”       Image credit: Ian Greig

Father God, You are the Almighty, the Most High, my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust. At a time of fear and threat, I look to You for peace. I rest in Your shadow.

I am putting my trust in You to save me from the “deadly pestilence” and the fear of waking up in the night unwell or finding myself exposed to other carriers during the day.

I put my trust in Your promise that saying, “The LORD is my refuge, and He is my dwelling”, I will not be overtaken by harm and disaster. You are my safe place and my security, and I thank You that angels commanded by You are real and present to guard me and those close to me.

I thank You so much that, through Jesus and not any righteousness of my own, I can call on You, sense Your answer and experience Your peace-bringing presence with me. 
Thank You for Your ongoing salvation in spirit, soul and body in Jesus, in whose name I pray, Amen.

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