Locked But Still Open

They may have locked my church, and shut God’s house today

But they cannot close my faith; they can’t take that away

God is not just in that building, He is always and everywhere

In the sky, a flower in birdsong, in a Lamb and in the very air

No one can cancel Him, my heart’s open, not undone

For I know that He is with us, each and everyone

The building provided sanctuary, a calm and quiet place

For me to gather thoughts and this troubled world to face

So in the great outdoors, in the wind, the rain and sun

I lift my face to heaven and speak to the Almighty One

I pray for all my friends and loved ones, for Him to give them strength

And courage to endure this time for however long the length

I pray for all those I do not know, in this world to us He gave

And that I should keep my faith in Him though these times are very grave!

Credit: Peter Wilson, churchwarden of St Peter’s, Pudleston (in the AONB east of Leominster in between the Tenbury and Bromyard main roads).

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