A short prayer to invite Jesus

Here is a version of the foundational prayer we pray to ask God into our heart and life.

Dear God,

I thank You for sending Jesus
to show me what You are like.

I know my life has been selfish,
and independent from You,
full of actions and attitudes that are against You.
And as I turn to Jesus,
I turn from that wrong direction.

I thank You, Jesus,
that You have taken my rebellion to the Cross, and paid for my sins
in Your own blood and pain.
I am deeply grateful.
More than words can express.
I recognise what You have done for me,
that I could never earn or achieve for myself.

I ask You, Saviour, to redeem me now.
I ask You to come into my heart.

I offer You the charge of my life and look to You as Lord.
I open myself now to receive Your Holy Spirit.

Open my spiritual eyes to see You
in reality and truth,
and show me Your way. Amen.

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